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Jun 14, 2024

In this 2nd installment of our latest deep-dive miniseries, the crew continue to discuss “yahtzee roguelike” Slice & Dice, a host favorite that has made our GOTY list for two years running. 

We're joined once again by series guest co-host Darius Kazemi, as well as very special guest Michael Brough (!), whose own roguelike Cinco Paus is one of the cited inspirations behind Slice & Dice. This episode, we discuss the game's curses and blessings system, as well as its links to some of Michael's games, including 868 HACK.

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Show Notes:

Slice & Dice on SteamitchiOS, and Google Play

Michael Brough's blog posts on streak scoring (2013, 2017)


Cinco Paus

Michael Brough's blog post on the "powerup" (curse) system in 868-HACK

Slice and Dice | 98%+ Winrate Unfair Hero Tier List video


Classic Unfair run with Doug, Rob, and Andy