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May 27, 2024

In the first installment of our Slice & Dice deep-dive miniseries, the crew head Into the Depths with the “yahtzee roguelike” that's shown up on our GOTY list for two years running. We're joined by interactive artist/developer Darius Kazemi to help introduce the game and share beginner tips from our (significant) playtime, and get into its unique combination of maximalist design and systems-driven humor.

Next episode, we’ll get into some of our favorite game modes: Classic Unfair, Cursed, and Cursed-Hyper. Don’t forget to join our Discord and send in your questions for the game's designer tann, to be answered over email later in the series.

Show Notes:

Slice & Dice on SteamitchiOS, and Google Play

Eggplant’s 2022 GOTY Episode (S&D Rob’s #2)

Eggplant’s 2023 GOTY Episode (S&D Doug’s #2)

Darius Kazemi’s Spelunky level-gen browser tool

Slice & Dice development history essay, by tann

Allison Parrish’s talk on designing to explore possibility spaces

Slice & Dice beginner tips powerpoint

Sid Meier’s 2010 GDC keynote

Tharsis on Steam

The stream where Rob and Doug “puppeteered” Andy to a Classic Unfair victory in Slice & Dice v2.0