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The Spelunky Showlike

Jul 18, 2019

Our full crew is reunited, and just in time for a very special guest! Spelunky HD programmer Andy Hull joins us to chat about his time as a toy designer, rebuilding Spelunky from the ground up, and nailing the jelly shader in his upcoming 2v2 basketball beat ‘em up, Dunk Lords.

Things we discussed:

Dunk Lords


Klik & Play

Sushi Slicing Play Set

Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Play Set

Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set

What is Bothering Carl?

Spelunky book



Ridiculous Fishing

Corridor Crew

Spelunky render dupe

Solo Eggplant Run

Indie Tech Talk #17: Andy Hull

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Ape Out